January 13, 2011

Highly Recommended Survey Site - I've been a member since 2007 they pay well and they are a legitimate company.

I signed up for Surveysavvy.com  in 2007. I continue to participate in there surveys because I enjoy giving my opinions. The nice thing about this site is you won't be bombarded by surveys you don't qualify for they do send you surveys you qualify for and can participate in .Sign up today and start taking surveys and really get paid for them. I highly recommend this site it is legit and does pay out well. I will say some of there surveys are lengthy and detailed but they are willing to pay you more for your time and honesty.  Just in the past 2 days I qualified and took surveys worth $10.00 and $25.00.   Click Here to get started today.You do have to wait for them to add the funds to your account can cash out. Please be patient it takes 4-6 weeks but once they do you can request your check.There minimum cash payout is $1.00 most generally there surveys are worth more than $1.00 so you should be able to take your first survey wait to get credited and then request payment right away. They won't make you rich but they do pay you well for your opinions.  You can also find them on facebook as well.

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