December 29, 2013

Update on Total Cholesterol, Vitamin B12, Iron, & Vitamin D

I lowered my Total Cholesterol. I've lowered my Total Cholesterol from 210 to 155. That's 55 points how great is that?. It is now in the healthy range and I am so happy.  I was never put on any medication however they told me back in late September that if I didn't get it under control by the time they checked it next I would be put on something. I am so glad that I was able to do this without any medication.

My mother tried 2 different kinds of cholesterol medication over the past 2 years. Neither one of the medications she stayed on and the last one she got off of in June 2013 because she was not herself while she was on it. I am happy to update that she lowered her Total Cholesterol from 204 to 182. 22 points isn't that wonderful?

My Vitamin B12 and Iron have both came up into the healthy range and I am no longer anemic. My mother's Vitamin D came up and it is also in the healthy range. I am proud of our wonderful accomplishments not only with our health but also with our weight loss.

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